Machu Picchu, 2016.

Machu Picchu, 2016.

I wanted to take some time to answer your questions. I'll be continually updating this page as the questions roll in so don't hesitate to leave questions in the comment section. 

When did you start traveling?

My first international trip was to Jamaica in 2007. Subsequently, I visited 8 times because it was just that great! Before the age of 25 I had never left the country. 

How long have you been a photographer?

This question is always tricky to me. I got my first camera in 2007 but I quit my job to pursue photography full time in 2009, so lets say 9 years.

How do you travel so much?

I chose to make travel a priority in my life! Although, I'm based in LA I'm usually on the road 1-2 weeks a month. I've been blessed to travel for clients but when it's not a paid gig, I usually find flight deals or use miles/points. 

How do you plan your group trips?

I wrote a comprehensive post about it here!

How many countries have you been to?


How do you decide where to go to next?

I have a bucket list of about 10-20 countries that I have yet to visit so those take priority. When a deal or opportunity comes up in one of those places then I go! The strongest 3 on my list now are Myanmar, Cape Verde and Nepal.